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Our grantees are our community partners; as New York City’s most effective poverty-fighting nonprofits, they have boots on the ground to create scalable solutions, strengthen communities, and make a lasting impact.


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Grantee Directory


This directory represents active grants to our current community partner grantee organizations as of 2024.

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This directory represents active grants to our current community partner grantee organizations as of 2024.

Change Impact

To support a Child Care Community of Practice.

Grant amount: $123,000

Chapin Hall Center for Children

To support the social services and case management component of an unconditional direct cash transfer program intended to reduce youth homelessness.

Grant amount: $496,000

Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, Inc.

To continue support for Chinese immigrant and Chinese American families at three federally qualified health centers across Chinatown and Flushing through an “enhanced” HealthySteps.

Grant amount: $900,000

Chhaya Community Development Corporation

To support culturally and linguistically competent services to meet the housing needs of low-income South Asian New Yorkers in Queens.

Grant amount: $300,000

Child Mind Institute

To implement a literacy tutoring program targeting first- and second-grade students in schools.

Grant amount: $150,000

Children's Aid

To provide comprehensive, results-oriented supports and services to children and youth across Children’s Aid’s network of 19 community schools so that students have the mental health and academic supports necessary to succeed.

Grant amount: $2,200,000

Children's Defense Fund

To improve access to health care and child care for low-income children.

Grant amount: $800,000

Children's Health Fund

To improve the health and well-being of adults and children with chronic diseases, such as asthma and mental health challenges, and to provide health and mental health services to asylum seekers predominately from Central and South America.

Grant amount: $465,000

Children's Museum of Manhattan

To continue support for a family visitation program at the Children's Museum of Manhattan between children and their mothers and fathers who are in custody at Rikers Island.

Grant amount: $346,000

Chinese American Planning Council

To support one of the largest social service agencies serving Chinese immigrants in New York City. Through its multiple sites, the agency provides a range of services including daycare, housing home attendant care, ESL classes and job placement and trai...

Grant amount: $2,610,000

Citizens Housing and Planning Council of New York, Inc.

To support research and technical assistance activities aimed at preserving public housing and operationalizing new resident decision-making requirements.

Grant amount: $181,000

Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York

To leverage C.C.C.'s research, civic engagement, and advocacy tools to advance priorities of the Child Poverty Reduction Act advisory panel through legislative advocacy, examine and engage in related research, and inform budget and legislative priorities...

Grant amount: $650,000

City Harvest

To distribute food to more than 400 food pantries and soup kitchens in New York City.

Grant amount: $750,000

Coalition for Community Schools Excellence

To preserve and develop more high-quality schools serving low-income students by elevating community voice and ensuring that families and students are represented in school and citywide strategy development.

Grant amount: $300,000

Coalition for the Homeless

To prevent eviction and achieve housing stability, and to provide crisis and ongoing services to homeless and unstably housed households.

Grant amount: $400,000

CollegeBound Initiative

To boost the rate of college matriculation for students at high schools and continue to develop a near-peer college advising and persistence program across four-year and two-year colleges.

Grant amount: $580,000

Columbia University Population Research Center

To continue the longitudinal, representative Poverty Tracker survey of New York City households for the next 12 months, and to collect and analyze data for continued study of income poverty, material hardship, health problems, and disadvantage.

Grant amount: $2,290,000

Commission on Economic Opportunity

To support the replication of mini-pilot projects that support single parent college completion through providing housing, financial assistance, child-care, and workforce access opportunities in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Grant amount: $1,580,000

Committee for Hispanic Children and Families

To promote social-emotional outcomes for children ages zero to five by increasing the quality of licensed child-care settings using the CHILD/IT-CHILD assessment tool and its related Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation program.

Grant amount: $425,000


To scale CommonLit’s English Language Arts (E.L.A.) curriculum and leverage artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology to develop new product features that would facilitate greater personalization, ultimately leading to accelerated learning outcomes.

Grant amount: $150,000


To address maternal and infant health disparities among women of color by optimizing doula services, establishing doula training and advocacy hubs and engaging in state-level Medicaid policy advocacy.

Grant amount: $200,000

Communities Resist

To support community-based legal services to prevent eviction and advocacy aimed at preventing the displacement of low-income communities of color in Brooklyn and Queens.

Grant amount: $350,000

Community Action for Safe Apartments

To address the housing-quality needs of households in the Bronx.

Grant amount: $65,000

Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County

To support a pilot project focused on youth (ages 14-24) in Harvey, Illinois that will address mobility gaps by bringing together a suite of age-appropriate programs focused on skill-building, mentoring, financial literacy, and employment readiness.

Grant amount: $1,705,000

Community Service Society of New York

To continue ongoing advocacy effort to improve and expand CityFHEPS, New York City’s local rental assistance voucher for households at risk of and experiencing homelessness.

Grant amount: $300,000

Comprehensive Youth Development

To help students and alumni at New York City transfer schools and traditional high school stay in school, earn a high school diploma and pursue college and a meaningful career.

Grant amount: $225,000

Computer Science for All

To support an $81 million public-private partnership to provide computer science education to all New York City public school students.

Grant amount: $500,000