Our Work

Funding solutions to fight poverty

Informed by data, evidence, and the lived experiences of New Yorkers, Robin Hood funds and advocates for solutions that create permanent pathways out of poverty.



Invested to fight poverty in NYC since 1988



Invested in NYC's most innovative poverty-fighting solutions in 2023



Grantees from communities across five boroughs

Programs & Initiatives

Through our programs, we make strategic grants to fight poverty at all stages of life, and launch special initiatives that augment our core grant-making and address critical service gaps. We target our policy advocacy work to inform grantmaking across programmatic areas.

Research & Evidence

We fund and collect data that provides dynamic views of poverty over time, which informs our policy advocacy to improve the lives of low-income New Yorkers.

The issues

In the journey toward economic mobility, certain aspects of life play a pivotal role. These elements fall into key issue areas, and dedicated solutions addressing each one help shape the path to breaking the cycle of poverty:

Our Grantees

Robin Hood works with our network of community partner grantees to fight poverty on the ground and give every New Yorker a fair shot.