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This Robin Hood Moment

In a city that never sleeps, Robin Hood rises above the noise to bring you stories that matter. Welcome to ‘This Robin Hood Moment,’ a brand new podcast by Robin Hood. Together, our hosts Kevin Thompson and Crystal Cooper will take you on a journey through the heart of New York City, uncovering the untold stories of resilience and hope amidst the challenges of poverty.

Addressing NYC’s Poverty Surge: Insights from the Poverty Tracker (Pt 2)

In this episode, we center the voices and experiences of those directly impacted by the recent surge in poverty across New York City, illuminated by the stark findings of Robin Hood’s annual Poverty Tracker report. With guests Greg Silverman, CEO of the West Side Campaign Against Hunger, and Robert Cordero, CEO of Grand Street Settlement, we embark on a journey to hear how both of these organizations have become beacons of hope for low-income New Yorkers.

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Tackling New York City’s Housing Crisis: A Blueprint for Action

New York City is still the largest and most expensive rental market in the county. More than half of NYC households are rent-burdened, thousands are on the brink of eviction, and a record number of New Yorkers are living in shelters and staying in them longer than ever before. Now that the ink has dried on Albany’s FY25 New York State budget, today, we speak with Jessica Katz, former NYC Chief Housing Officer and key architect of Robin Hood’s comprehensive housing plan, on the road toward housing access for all.

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Addressing NYC’s Poverty Surge: Insights from the Poverty Tracker (Pt 1)

Robin Hood’s latest Poverty Tracker Annual Report, jointly released by Robin Hood and Columbia University’s Center on Poverty and Social Policy, revealed a historic spike in poverty rates across New York City, with an additional 2 million residents plunging into poverty between 2021 and 2022 alone. Join our hosts Crystal Cooper and Kevin Thompson as they unpack the factors contributing to this alarming trend, and offer insights from Robin Hood CEO Richard R. Buery, Jr., Columbia CPSP Director Christopher Wimer, and Robin Hood grantee Grand Street Settlement CEO Robert Cordero.

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Unpacking Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams’ Budget Proposals

January marks the beginning of the budgeting process for New York State and City, crucial for funding essential services and programs. Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams recently unveiled their proposed budgets, sparking intense analysis and advocacy. Host Crystal Cooper delves into the implications for fighting poverty in NYC with Robin Hood’s Chief Public Policy Officer, Jason Cone.

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This Robin Hood Moment | A New Podcast from Robin Hood

Through the years, Robin Hood has grown into a poverty-fighting giant, with its deep knowledge of the conditions that keep New Yorkers down and the fight for resources they need to get ahead. Join us for “This Robin Hood Moment,” and listen to in-depth conversations with the people who drive Robin Hood’s boots-on-the-ground work across all five boroughs, and the milestones and strategies that really fuel their fight.

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