The Power Fund

A graphic design using the colors black and green and featuring a variety of headshots of Power Fund leaders.

Race is one of the strongest predictors of life outcomes in the United States; in our city, Black, Latino, and Asian New Yorkers are nearly twice as likely to live in poverty, compared to their white counterparts. This disparity is echoed in the nonprofit sector, where leaders of color have been historically overlooked and underfunded.

Founded in July 2020, Robin Hood’s Power Fund initiative invests in outstanding nonprofit leaders of color who bring unique perspectives and expertise to the fight against poverty.

Our Impact



In new investments to 23 leaders of color at 22 organizations since the Power Fund's launch



Granted for capacity-strengthening services to Power Fund organizations

Our Strategy

Driven by research on the barriers leaders of color are consistently faced with in accessing, securing, and sustaining philanthropic funding, the Power Fund aims to:

  • Increase funding access: Work with communities that have been previously underrepresented in our grantmaking portfolios and expand the types of services we support to address the various facets of poverty.
  • Strengthen organizations: Help organizations grow, thrive and succeed by  investing in capacity building support through our Management Acceleration team, supporting leadership development, and providing access to our philanthropic, government, and community partner networks.