Poverty has a profound effect on health and is linked to high health care needs, from chronic, work-limiting conditions to severe psychological distress. Robin Hood funds solutions that will have a lasting, healthy change in the lives of New Yorkers and their families.

By the Numbers

1 in 6

Low-income New Yorkers struggle to access primary and preventative healthcare, using costly urgent and emergency services instead



Of all births in New York are covered by Medicaid, and 54% of babies and toddlers covered are children of color

1 in 5

New Yorkers experiences mental illness in a given year—that’s about equal to every resident in Manhattan


Integrating behavioral health into primary care coverage, and expanding Medicaid coverage of preventive and behavioral health services.


Reforming New York’s medical debt and hospital financial assistance laws to protect patients from unaffordable debt and aggressive collection practices that threaten economic security.


Addressing maternal and infant health disparities in New York state by increasing the pool of doulas through funding state-level advocacy to ensure that doulas receive fair payment and reimbursement for their services, particularly in communities of color.