Apr 03, 2024

Nonprofits Need Great Board Leaders

What makes a good nonprofit board? Robin Hood has the answer, and it's our board placement program

Did you know effective nonprofits rely on dedicated Boards of Directors for leadership and strategic guidance? Yet, recruiting the right board members can be challenging. That’s where Robin Hood’s Management Acceleration team steps in.

In 2023 alone, Robin Hood placed 30 individuals on the boards of 27 nonprofit grantees, thanks to our network of corporate partners like Warburg Pincus.

Above, Justin Sadrian, Partner at Warburg Pincus and Robin Hood Leadership Council Member, highlights the invaluable experience gained through board service. Jacob Strauss, Managing Director at Warburg Pincus, also shares his journey from interest to placement on the Student Leadership Network’s Board of Directors, to fulfill his mission of impacting young lives.

With over 800 placements, Robin Hood’s Management Acceleration team’s success is a testament to our partners and grantees.