Mar 23, 2021 Press Release

Statement of Support to the AAPI Community From Robin Hood

NEW YORK, NY – During the past year, we all have seen an increase in racist and xenophobic rhetoric, behaviors, and reported attacks against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who are wrongfully perceived as responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak. As Robin Hood evolves on its own journey in becoming an anti-racist organization, we would be remiss in calling the mass murder of AAPI community members in the Atlanta area last week anything other than appalling crimes triggered by hate. As a philanthropy deeply rooted in partnership with diverse communities across New York City, we condemn the continuation of racist acts of violence here in New York, in Atlanta, and across our country. We all have a responsibility to call hatred out when and wherever it occurs; it must never be tolerated.

The recent attacks on members of the AAPI communities are not isolated incidents, but rather the terrible and horrific culmination of recent and historical anti-AAPI attacks and misinformation in the United States. It is important to recognize that this misinformation is also deeply rooted in the historical legacy of racializing infectious diseases as an instrument of hatred against people of color.

We stand together in solidarity against all forms of hate and support our AAPI employees, neighbors, families, community partners, and friends during this painful time. Please know that Robin Hood is committed to advancing inclusion and belonging for people of all races, national origins, and ethnicities to guarantee safety, access to education, housing, food, and economic security of all Americans. And, going forward, Robin Hood’s Power Fund and Mobility LABs initiatives and all of our grantmakingwill continue to address these inequities. We will continue to elevate nonprofit leaders of color, including Asian-American leaders in our own organization, as well as organizations that serve AAPI communities in New York City as they work to break through the barriers that prevent equity and economic mobility.

Together, we will stand strong in the face of hatred and racial violence to reaffirm the humanity of one another while working collectively to overcome and defeat all forms of racism in our society.

About Robin Hood:

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