July 2021

Early Childhood Poverty Tracker: Child Care Affordability, Accessibility, and the Costs of Disruption

Lack of access to affordable, quality child care can negatively impact New York families with children

Contributors: Kathryn M. Neckerman, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Sophie Collyer, Elizabeth Doran, Yajun Jia, Lauren Kennedy, Matthew Maury, Christopher Wimer, Jane Waldfogel

Issues Areas: Covid 19, Financial Security, Households With Children

Early Childhood Poverty Tracker data provides a window into how families – especially low-income parents – managed their child care needs before the onset of the pandemic, and what happens when families experience disruptions in their child care. This report highlights the numerous challenges New Yorkers faced in finding affordable, quality care for their young children long before COVID-19 devastated our city.