April 2023

Early Childhood Poverty Tracker: Spotlight on Education Pre- and Post COVID-19

Early childhood education programs like free 3-K and Pre-K have potential to positively impact low-income children and families

Contributors: Jill Gandhi, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Chloe Cargill, Eunho Cha, Matthew Maury, Kathryn Neckerman, Schuyler Ross, Jane Waldfogel

Issues Areas: Education, Households With Children

Early Childhood Poverty Tracker data finds that families who enrolled in a 3-K program had much lower childcare costs than those who did not, saving an average of $450 a month and improving equitable early childhood outcomes, especially for low-income children. This report explores how low income families searched for, applied for, and enrolled in NYC’s 3-K for All program from 2017-2021, and analyzes the program’s potential to reduce childcare costs for families and positively impact early learning outcomes.